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We also have to consider that while Go seems difficult for *us* to analyze, that might be because of our own limitations. Maybe we just aren't looking at the game correctly. It would appear that there are ways of analyzing games (please, let's not call it intuition) because a player can learn the game and can improve - and as some players are clearly better than others there's something going on that allows them to identify winning strategies. If it's just "I've seen something like this before, this is how that game was won..." then it's no wonder that the AI, which has analyzed (and probably committed to flawless memory) all of Sobel's games, will win.

In fact, the computational difficulties make a machine playing a human at Go more like a grandmaster playing me at chess. Nobody is doing any exhaustive searches but the machine playing Go and the grandmaster playing chess will have seen more games, analyzed more positions and will be faster at determining a winning strategy.

What would be really interesting is if it were possible for Google to reverse engineer their AI's "thought processes". Might throw some light on our own.

Might prove to be completely alien to us...

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