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still do not know what intelligence is

A bird can fly better than me - is it more intelligent than me - no, I think we can agree the ability to fly is not a proxy for 'intelligence' not least as we can build planes

A computer beat the world champion at go - is it more intelligent then me - I do not think so but some may debate this, I would say within the domain of playing Go it is but the ability to play Go is not a full proxy for 'intelligence' not least as we can build computers.

Intelligence is partly determined by the 'world' that is open to the 'person' being 'tested'

The machine that wins at Go will not play Scrabble afterwards - or football.

Intelligence is also partly determined by intentionality, I want to play scrabble, not Go.

I am not a professional in this field or philosophy. I do not intend my comment to imply that a blind or disabled person is less intelligent than someone who can see etc.

Indeed we don't really want truly intelligent 'non-person' entities - they won't be as good/efficient at making cars etc as the AI that are optimised for the job.

To those who criticise the Go AI as something that just 'learnt by studying past papers', it isnt quite that simple, it 'studied past papers' then 'competed against itself' and google picked the champion - the best AI.

Out in human space many people started playing Go by studying what other people did and then competed against each other and from that emerged a world champion...

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