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@boltar. - yep. I played against some early Go - playing programs - knew a chap that wrote one, in fact. The one played about as well as somone who's just been introduced to the game - apallingly. The other played a 'reasonable' (ie: it seemed to have SOME notion of applying pressure to try to sketch out defendable territories) but very weak game. This was, ooh, 30-35 years ago.

The difficulty in the notion of 'brute forcing' Go is that whilst, yes, you can see that placing a piece here or there may be advantageous right now, later in the game it may turn out to be disastrous - but that's entirely dependent on the umpty-zillion potential plays that have happened in the meantime.

Seriously, anyone that thinks this is a trivial achievement - find a Go club or someone that knows how to play Go, and play a few games. Then you'll get some idea of why getting a computer to play Go well is a far harder proposition than getting one to play chess.

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