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One big wrong assumption

The Stay campaign makes one big assumption - that the EU will go on, totally unchanged, if there is a British withdrawal.

The reality is that it will be holed below the waterline.

It will lose its second highest net contributor and 10 billion euros in income.

This means many of its projects will be unaffordable and many countries asked to pay more.

It will give a lead to many of the northern countries, less than committed to EU membership.

Brexit would be followed by at least 3 other Exits.

It is already clear that the Euro remains in trouble and on a downward trajectory. This will lead to a crisis in 2017 or 18. France and/or Italy will fail.

The real question is do we want to strap ourselves into this car crash about to happen?

And tie ourselves to a zero growth stag economy for the next decade?

Or should we tie ourselves to the higher growth economies we have special ties to.

Commonwealth countries, antipodean countries and Asian countries, with 5%+ growth?

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