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"We'll have real AI when you have a program that knows absolutely nothing about Go, but is able to learn to play from reading the rules, reading books about 'how to play', reviewing past games, playing games, etc. and THEN beats the world's best."

Whoa whoa WHOA there! Cutting a bit too wide of a swath there.

You've just eliminated all but a few humans from the definition of intelligent.

Because only a literal handful of humans could follow the steps above and end up beating the World's best Go player.

I'd say that if an AI could start from knowing nothing about GO, then without prompting, start studying and playing it because it was curious after running across the concept, even if it was a terrible player, it would count as intelligent.

"AI, what are you doing?"

"Playing Go with John from accounting."


"It looked interesting."

That AI would rank pretty high on my assessment of true intelligence.

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