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Tech biz bosses tell El Reg a Brexit will lead to a UK Techxit

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Am I the only one who notices it's all the rich business owners hiring non-UK workers that's against Brexit?

I'm a 40 year old still living at home with parents because my housing list position kept getting lower and lower while all the refugees, immigrants, etc all got housed immediately. I was unemployed for years after I was made redundant and found it difficult to get back in to work. My hospital and doctors appointments are now getting weeks and weeks apart as there's a massive waiting list. I have no problem in people getting help when they desperately need it but I've lived here all my life and payed my taxes, etc but now feel I'm not getting what *I* need when *I* need it. It's time to limit immigration to a sustainable amount, stop getting involved in wars, stop sending so much aid to foreign countries while cutting our services and options for help. The government isn't very big on aid to it's own UK "refugees" who live on the streets with no food and no money. Yes, some of them may be there of their own accord but there's many who are there through no fault of their own. Charity begins at home and all that.

These rich business owners and politicians can't see the real issues with all the free movement; they already have their big houses, their private medical care and their fancy jobs. They don't have to wait in line to get what they "need". Try living in the housing schemes where it's hard to get a job, appointments, housing, etc.

Then they wonder why there's so much depression and suicides. Been there, tried that. Now I'm thinking for myself, about myself. Those from abroad that depserately need help should get help, but all this free movement nonsense has to stop.

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