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Re "[you] know [many good] people who can't get tech jobs because they have to compete on pay with people who are less qualified and less experienced who aren't from the UK who will take nonsense wages.."

You are talking about, effectively, one place: India. And from my observations in many I.T. shops around the U.K., it is trivially simple for any number of Indian onshorers to migrate to the U.K., where their numbers dwarf all other nationalities put together; in particular these numbers must be over ten times that of EU citizens working here. I can think of four U.K. financial institutions where I was literally one of perhaps only two or three non-Indian techies on the floor. It is simply wrong to suggest that intra-EU migration is some sort of flood. But there is obviously an uncontrolled flood from India, and it has nothing to do with the EU, but simply with HMG's inability to enforce its own laws.

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