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Why do we get such misinformation?

...The reason? The end to freedom of movement that being a member state of the EU has provided...

Why do these lies gain such credence? The 'Remain' crown seem to assume that, if we leave the EU, then ALL EU Legislation will automatically be immediately reversed! So, for instance, I have heard otherwise intelligent people arguing that, if a substance is deemed to be dangerous to eat and an EU directive has banned it, when we leave the EU we will have to start eating it again...!

What planet do these people inhabit? When we leave the EU we will be in charge of our own laws. If a substance is dangerous, it will be our decision to ban it. If we want to let the French or Germans work here freely, we can easily let them. The point is that it will be OUR decision, made by considering what is BEST for US. At the moment, if something is seen as good by Brussels, but is obviously bad for us, we are forced to accept it.

As an example, what happened to our fishing fleet...?

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