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Yes. This stuff is utterly illogical.

Here's where it gets silly:

Others reckon leaving the common labour market would slow their ability to move rapidly against rivals and to bring on talent in a competitive field.

The reason? The end to freedom of movement that being a member state of the EU has provided.

Why's this silly? Because the EU freedom of movement makes the UK implement harsher controls on immigration from outside the EU. Granted it's a matter of personal opinion if those controls have to be there, but there they are. This means it's more difficult to recruit tech talent from the US, from India, from China, from Japan (the list goes on).

See the problem here? Germany isn't exactly known for being forwards thinking when it comes to the digital economy so what good is being in the EU doing any of this - the answer of course is the UK's tech industry is being actively harmed by it.

And yes not for nothing but being outside the EU doesn't mean people can't be recruited from in the EU, just they'd have to justify their employment in the UK - that shouldn't be difficult; although I personally know a lot of well qualified experienced people who can't get tech jobs because they have to compete on pay with people who are less qualified and less experienced who aren't from the UK who will take nonsense wages..

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