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Isnt that the reason most of the "out-ers" want out? If theres freedom of movement all our less well off neighbours will come over here and work for the opportunities they never had at home, thereby putting us slackers, who expect ridiculous wages, out of work.

It means the UK can be a bit more selective about who it lets in and who gets thrown out, and the terms under which they're allowed in. All the fuss about benefit eligibility would go away, the UK could simply say "you can come in but you don't get any government money for ten years". That's pretty much how the US system works - if you arrive on a work visa then you have to leave the country if the job goes away (or transfer your visa to another job PDQ) and if you're on a permanent resident visa then you're not suppose to claim government benefits until you've contributed 40 quarters (i.e. ten years) to the social security system.

At the moment it's all scaremongering - there is no reason why the UK can't agree a streamlined visa process for members of other EU states in return for the same going the other way. If the EU wants to slam the door then does the UK really want to be part of the club, and if the UK wants to slam the door, the EU is probably better off saying "bye".

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