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I cannot vote (reason obvious from my name) and even though I benefited from EU movement rules I would now advice (to anyone interested in my opinion) to leave. The reason is simple - EU is driven by bureaucrats and, as we know, the main purpose of bureaucracy is to extend. EU bureaucrats are particularly dangerous, since they also motivated by the ideology of States of Europe - which makes them no different from apparatchiks. This will not change for EU no matter what UK votes for - that is in case of "remain" win, UK won't be able to reverse the tide. The only choice is - does UK want to be a part of this, or pursue a different treaty.

In case of "leave" vote win, I would think that EEA is actually realistic choice, since in the 2 years after the vote where will no time to prepare and sign another treaty, and EU countries will want to continue trading with the UK under any rules.

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