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Well not quite true, unless you think a few hundred extra people represents a "run" on passport applications, in the face of the net influx of 300k economic migrants we've received into the UK from the EU (mainly) who obviously aren't worried about a Brexit. ...and by the way the original article is from the Guardian not known as a Brexit supporter.

"Between 2014 and 2015, the number of adults born in England, Scotland or Wales applying for their first Irish passport on the basis of having an Irish-born grandparent increased by more than 33%, from 379 to 507. Applications from those with one or more Irish parent rose by 11% in the same period, from 3,376 to 3,736. In the previous year, the total applying in both categories fell slightly."

Given that only British born citizens with an Irish parent or grand parent can apply for an Irish passport, it is far, far, more likely that the numbers have been driven by the flood of Irish Citizens who came over to the UK from the 1930s onwards, and continue to come over, especially after the bubble that built up around the Celtic Tiger Myth burst in a busted flush, and who have had children in the UK.

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