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Tech biz bosses tell El Reg a Brexit will lead to a UK Techxit


I don't think you've read my comment properly.

Lets use a simple example shall we: if a UK company operates in the UK it doesn't have to abide by SOX. However, should it wish to operate in the US, then it does have to abide by SOX. The UK Gov doesn't need to enact SOX, just the company needs to follow it.

Same for the EU. If a company operates in the UK but wishes to do business in the EU, they'll need to follow the rules laid down. Again, why would the UK Government enact those rules unless otherwise forced or agreed through some trade agreement? As for the company itself, if it is operating in multiple countries, the company would enact the rules needed within its own structure to ensure compliance in the most cost effective manner. If they want to produce a widget, they'll produce it to a standard that meets all rules required. They could go bonkers and try to create different versions of the same widget to meet different rules, but that'd be madness, unless there's a saving to be had...

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