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Devaluation might be good?

Full disclosure, I'll probably vote to stay in the EU but I have to take issue with a couple of the statements in this article.

1) "Yet, with a technology staff from EU nations including France, Poland and Portugal, Hale is enthusiastic about skilled migration to the UK. He says there are far too few home-grown computer experts and he is actually angry that one of Cameron’s reform aims sought to reduce EU immigration by reducing access to benefits"

If you're talking about recruiting skilled IT staff then surely you should be paying them enough that they would not need to draw on the UK's benefits system to any great degree?

My suspicion when bosses talk about a 'lack of skilled workers' what they really mean is a lack of cheap(er) workers.

2) One of the biggest costs for an IT company is staff salaries. It typically dwarfs any expenditure on hardware or energy costs.

So a devaluation of the pound vs the euro should actually make software development cheaper in the UK if you're selling in dollars or euros.

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