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I have 60-70 tabs open at one time, quite often. It's how I browse. I'll have half a dozen subjects I'm interested in, all with 10 pages each.

And the resource usage of this is very demanding if you run a 5yr old lappy to browse with. I've monitored them and compared with all the usual tools you use. They are a drain on any system, but make it decidedly unstable when you have a use case like mine: 60 tabs open at once! Come on. Not like I'm trying to be awkward for the sake of it.

Ads and ad networks are malware and they need to eradicated totally and those that use them be boycotted, if needs be, if they are going to do the calling out. But like most people when they do the calling out, they only usually do it when they know they can get away with it. And by that point, just like with the snooper's charter being passed, they don't even ask you anymore, they just go ahead and do it anyway. This is no democracy. People are waking up to things pretty fast. I see some pretty desperate and unhappy people around me, and they have fantastic lives. But something is stopping them from being happy.

Unless you physically force me to watch an ad, there is no way you can make me. I will just opt out. But I won't stand for this constant bullying by the tech companies and the government they are in bed with. They only want the ad stuff set up to spy on us. It's not about money. It's about giving free reign to their malware. I won't do it knowingly.

The fact I have to say these things I find shocking. This country has so much potential but I just see people willfully stifled at every turn. People want to live, not be milked...

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