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The register is one of only a few sites I'd use behind a pay wall.

I love my free stuff, I don't block ads to piss of the register (or 99% of other sites) or to stop its income, I block ads because I don't want to see them.

Ads are every-fucking-where, doesn't matter where you go, when you go, if someone thinks you will buy it, they will try to sell it.

Not in my world they don't. Yes, my world is very very different from most other peoples worlds, I'm wired up wrong to start with but that doesn't mean I don't fight back.

An hour of TV is 20 mins of adverts. Radio, 1 song, 14 adverts, rinse, repeat. Either charge £ or shut up fucking moaning because people are blocking ads. Give us a free ad site and an ad free pay wall one.

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