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FlashOnOff is redundant - NoScript already does that for you.

I suspect that HTTPNowhere and HTTPSEverywhere will conflict with each other and at least slow your browsing down, if not impact in other ways.

You might want to consider Twitter Disconnect as well.

CookieMonster is a better option than the cookie-deletion addons - it stops them getting onto your machine in the first place and you can choose your default policy, then whitelist/blacklist/allow temporarily/accept session cookies. You can also set it to automatically delete cookies when you leave a page/close a tab and you can inspect current cookies and manage them individually or per site/domain too.

PrivacyBadger has never worked for me - just does nothing - and I gather a lot of people have the same expereince - so, I'd recommend a combination of other addons in addition to what you're using instead: BetterPrivacy, Calomel SSL Validation, CanvasBlocker, Decentraleyes, Disable Plugin & Mimetype Enumeration, Ghostery, Location Guard, Random Agent Spoofer, RequestPolicy, and uMatrix.

As for not liking to send "browser choices to an external site for filtering", if you didn't code it yourself (or read the source thoroughly before compiling it yourself) then you really have no idea what any bit of software does, so there's a definite chance that one, or more, of your addons is doing that anyway - so what real difference would an adblocker make?

Moreover, are you certain that filtering is not done clientside rather than serverside ?- I may well be wrong about this but ( IIRC) AB+ doesn't prevent ads being downloaded but just doesn't display them, which suggests that no server will ever know what you filtered.

Finally, Tor has already been shown to be nowhere near as impenetrable as people thought - just enter "tor not anonymous" into DuckDuckGo and have a look at some of the articles.

I'm in two minds about Tor: It /may/ be a good idea and it /may/ work (most of the time) but it may equally just draw attention to yourself instead - not sure there's a simple answer to this issue other than using I2P for what it's good for and simply browsing normally with your addons otherwise.

Anyway, not a criticism of your choices, just my 2c :)

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