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"I would attribute trust in a brand to past experience and judgement of that brand by my peers."

That is no longer a reliable yardstick. Replacing my venerable washing machine with the same established brand has produced a lemon. Just before the 1 year guarantee expired it obviously had a fault that was very unpredictable. The drum sometimes filled with water between washes - yet a much vaunted feature is an electronic "flood preventer" on the water inlet hose.The "helpline" merely books an engineer's visit - and tells you they will charge £100 if you can't show the fault.

Even worse is the new dishwasher. Trying to get a recommendation from numerous friends showed that specific models were no longer on sale. In the end went for a Siemens that had good customer reviews on the John Lewis pages. It may be very quiet - but that seems to equate to it not cleaning anything other than items that have had all residues removed first.

Wish I had gone for the "uneconomical" repairs for my old devices that had been reliable and effective.

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