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"F**k all that! How do people use the web without an ad blocker?"

We simply do?

There's a fair amount of sites that *do* make sure their "source of extra income/hosting cost mitigation" behaves within acceptable parameters. They get the ad-blockers turned off. Unless they take the piss, of course.. The others.. well.. let's say you only get One Chance.. ( El Reg, for instance, has borked theirs several times already.. ah well...)

And of course.. being "safe" behind your adblockers and noscripters has not given you the necessary desensitation and necessary knowledge to Not Go There Without.... that people who do regularly turn off their blockers, or do completely without have. By being militant about blocking, you failed to grow the callouses you need, and never learned to use the ads themselves as indicators of whether or not a site is worth visiting. You are the little lab rat that never saw the outside world, and has no clue, and no immunity..

So the icon is for you, for making the crucial mistake of Ivory Towering, and acting all surprised when that does. not. work.

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