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Isn't that what the ABP whitelist was suppose dto achieve - allow through the non-intrusive advertising.

From their website....

So starting in 2011, in consultation with our users, we decided to propose a compromise. Because we share a vision with the majority of our users that not all ads are equally annoying, the Acceptable Ads initiative was created. It allows advertisers and publishers who have agreed to make ads that abide by user-generated criteria to be whitelisted. Users can support this less extreme version of ad blocking by allowing the Acceptable Ads option to remain enabled. To browse completely ad-free, users can disable the option.

It's not without issue and I know that the last time I was bothered to better inform myself, I decided to go for uBlockOrigin. That still gets disabled selectively for certain sites - typically e-commerce - where having it active means they just don't work.

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