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Like it or not...

... let's face it, everyone dislikes ads, but everyone equally dislikes paying for stuff. And at the moment ads largely pay for that stuff, so there is a problem.

Rather than being smug about blocking ads and getting content without 'paying', how about people suggest constructive ideas for an acceptable alternative that still allows content providers to get funded according to how popular their content is?

People claim that "it's my right to view sites without ads" - but it's equally a content provider's right not to serve you content if you block the ads. I predict that more and more sites will refuse to work without ads, and that this will be the undoing of the new ad-blocking networks/browsers - they will not catch on if only a fraction of the web works with them.

Yes, ads are becoming increasingly irritating. We need to find a way either to rein that in, or to pay publishers through some other channel. But as it stands, having everyone block all web advertising is unfortunately not the answer - however much some people might want it to be.

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