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...Declaration - I've been running AdBloclPlus or uBlock Origin for tears - coupled with NoScript on my laptop and AdblockPlus on the phone. And likewise, I am in shock if I borrow a machine that does not have them installed.

But..... I have previously (and will again) turned it off on the phone when I hit an AdWall. The page simply would not render with the AdBlock enabled. It happened to be a news article that I was particularly keen to read - so yes, there was a need to compromise on this occasion.

Will it happen again - yes.

Will AdWalls become prevalent? Personally I hope not but if they do then I can see me reassessing which sites I can and can't be bothered visiting - similar to pay walls.

e.g I don't click on links to articles on The Times - I'm not prepared to pay and I know that as such the link is useless. If AdWalls and flashy intrusive advertising become the norm on a site then it will probably see me behave similarly

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