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Right to choose

I have a fundamental right to choose what I do, and do not, look at online or through broadcast media. If I don't want to see adverts in my TV programmes I either don't watch commercial channels at all or record the program and jump through the adverts (don't you love the 'skip' function on DVRS ?). I use Ublock (since Adblock sold out), ghostery and noscript to avoid wasting my time and bandwidth. Any site that uses adblocking detection is telling me that it no longer wants me to use their site.

I fail to see how any organisation that forces me to see their adverts is expecting me to a) like the experience and b) be inclined to buy their products. If you have p*ssed me off I am not going to be a customer.

I also agree with Kraggy, the adverts are all-too-often a means of infecting systems through insecure third party sytems. I choose not to accept that risk, but avoid it instead.

I am obviously in the minority, because I would rather pay than see adverts online.

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