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VMware licence changes put users on upgrade treadmill



With Microsoft we blame Satya or Bill

With Oracle we blame Crazy Larry

With VMware we have no idea who to blame. I'm pretty sure it's a team of guys wearing ties and one fairly attractive girl wearing shoulder pads who don't actually know what a VMware thingy is but think by saying words like synergize and pointing to nifty Gartner graphs they can run a tech company.

I can't really say for sure when VMware took the nose dive, but I think it was around the time that EMC bought them out. VMware propagated the entire market like wildfire because it was the only functional choice. More and more people used it and the people running the company treated it like it was oil or water... after all, if you make a bad business decision with oil, water or VMware, your customers will still be forced to use you and you can always pump more right?

So, for the last several years while Microsoft and others have been working towards the goal of operating one of the biggest and most reliable data centers in the world, the VMware guys have operated with no leadership or direction. As a result, they make 10 competing and incompatible products whenever a new buzzword arises. They keep increasing their prices for products people already have and insist that bug fixes should be paid for by buying entirely new infrastructures. They don't really innovate anymore, I can't think of anything they've done which is even moderately more than **snore** since VMware 4.

The #1 reason we still use VMware is that we can pretend that we're running 20 year old server in a Window and that's easy. The other tools require us to plan and read something to make them work. VMware can be installed really badly in 30 minutes... and it will let you run it like that for years.

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