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I LOVE IT!!! I just called my wife and let her know 'Baby, we're going to Disney!!!"

Thanks to the anti-upgrade called VMware 6, I moved away from VMware because of this specific nonsense.

1) Any version less than Enterprise Plus is a REALLY BAD IDEA!!!!

2) Networking isn't an add-on in the data center, it's a selling point. Microsoft and OpenStack have networking and they both did it REALLY REALLY REALLY well. NSX did it kinda ok and VMware tells all my customers that in order to run kinda OK networking, they would have to pay almost 10 times as much for the license. NSX should be part of standard.

3) Nearly half the new features in VMware 6 cause unfixable errors unless you intentionally deploy those features half assed.

So... I moved completely to Hyper-V now and while it hurt really bad at first, it's been by far the smartest move I've ever made. So now I go from class to class, company to company, government to government and convince them to stop blowing their budgets on VMware and instead make use of those Microsoft Enterprise licenses they already are paying for and actually use them. Like... "Why are you paying $7500 per CPU socket for VMware when your enterprise license from MS already gives you everything you need?"

Oh... you wanna know the best thing about switching to Microsoft? I was able to get updated drivers for all my hardware (been a big problem on VMware lately) and build, test and troubleshoot my network in a clear orderly fashion. When I domain joined all my Hyper-V servers and Azure Stack, the CA simply pushed certs to all the servers and I had easy installation of certificates. Oh and the management tools for Hyper-V were just plain better. As long as you avoid ever trying to deploy applications from within SCVMM, it's 1000 kinds of awesome.

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