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"there'll eventually be a large un-ignorable amount unemployable people as the economy marches on to bigger and better things."

For the most part, robots are taking over the dirty, boring and dangerous things.

if you've been indoctrinated all your life that you're going to be a coalminer when you leave school then the pit closing is a calamity, If you've been shown other paths then the world isn't nearly so gloomy.

The Village Idiot Syndrome says that the village idiot can pitch hay with the rest of the yokels, but you wouldn't want him driving your John Deere tractor into a ditch. It overlooks that the village idiot might be a fantastic artist or isd otherwise useful in other areas. (I work with a guy who's a fantastic mathematician - professor emeritus - but don't let him near anything mechanical or expect him to hold much of a conversation. In another era he'd be the village idiot)

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