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Always plenty of folk muttering about increased home / workplace deliveries of internet purchases having an impact on traffic congestion, pollution etc.

As an aside, I like the high street, though would be happier if the small independents stayed open late enough to benefit from commuter footfall: On my commute I get off a train not long after 5 PM and walk up a high street to the car park, the majority of the small shops are closed / putting shutters down at that time of day so miss out on my custom, typically the butcher & greengrocer I would like to support are shut so I end up getting fresh produce in the supermarket.

Too many small shops seem to still exist on the model of a nuclear family with breadwinner at work & other adult doing day time shopping, instead of scenarios of single people, couples (but both are working as 1 income not enough to pay nills), etc., etc - and where the daytime "shopper" is more likely to be either retired or unemployed (obv,. they still buy things) but missing out on the custom (direct or partner) of wage slaves.

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