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Nearly a million retail jobs will be destroyed by the march of tech, warns trade body

Brenda McViking

A million jobs lost

I read this in Worstall terms - the retail industry is now getting more efficient and will have lower operating costs to pass on to consumers. Those who are employed will soon be free to do something more valuable within society, and as society we are as a whole, richer for it, as we are getting more productivity from fewer people.

After all, no doubt there was hand-wringing when combine harvesters put a million threshers out of work, but then again it doesn't cost 3 hours' minimum wage for a bag of flour any more does it? And whilst some of the previously employed languished for the rest of their days on the dole, telling mail journos that immigrants and the old prime minister were to blame for their ills, more of them went and got higher paying jobs in other sectors, and so society progressed...

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