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Europe is spaffing €20bn on handouts for tech

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> What - exactly - is wrong with the quoted text that you implicitly mock by the addition of the "[sic]s"?

I am not going to answer for Orlowski, but my guess is that he views "roaming" as a present participle of the verb "to roam" in its traditional meaning, rather than as a participial adjective (with an elided noun such as "calls"), implying that the speaker intends to ban unsystematic travel rather than stop phone companies from gratuitously overcharging consumers for certain calls in violation of single market principles.

As for "porting content", it may sound a bit affected or artificial when followed by "as you travel", and I speculate that it could have been influenced by the speaker's native Italian ("portare del contenuto quando viaggiate¹"), but grammatically there is nothing wrong with it that I can see.

But I agree that, in general, his article begs the question. [sic]

¹ I hope any native Italian speakers in the audience will be more lenient than Mr Orlowski.

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