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Europe is spaffing €20bn on handouts for tech

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I do not understand the apparently negative tone of the article.

Much of what is discussed, such as the banning of geoblocking and cross-border roaming charges¹ concerns the effective implementation of the single market "pillar".

The quip about Croatian poetry is again a bit of a straw man². Of more concern are practices such as Sky and others' attempts at segmenting the market by, e.g., blocking football league broadcasts² in certain EU regions while not in others, subject to various licensing agreements.

As for the development of a viable start-up ecosystem which can compete with, and is independent of, Silicon Valley (so London partially discarded), that seems like a rather valid and important concern, beneficial not just to Europeans but to consumers worldwide. Whether handing out checks is the way to do it (if that is indeed what is being proposed, and all that is being proposed) or not, that is of course up for discussion, but establishing some credible competition and balance in the start-up arena is something that should be welcome by everyone, including Silicon Valley itself. At the same time, Europe has a vested in getting there before others (cough! China) do.

By the way, Andrew, it appears that you forgot to set the moderation flag this time.

¹ There is a significant issue with this one, in that last time I read the proposal (I haven't checked its final version yet), there was a "fair use" clause that was so restrictive that effectively made the whole thing moot. I am pursuing this as my own scarce time allows, so if anyone else wants to join me in getting the EC to revise this, that'd be much welcome.

² Notwithstanding the Europe- and worldwide popularity of various continental and UK acts.

³ Apparently that counts as "cultural goods".

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