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SFDC not moving to CD?

I would like to correct your comment regarding SFDC and continuous deployment not being a fit:

I am a San Francisco DevOps/SRE contractor who is heavily involved in cloud migrations from data centers, and Agile/CD transitions. As such I have been approached by SFDC for my expertise (I have not been available) to assist in a high priority transition to do exactly what you stated is not appropriate for them. Any large customer facing organization has some services that change slowly, and others that must do so to retain market differentiation. Adapt or Die. You confuse SFDC the organization with that dichotomy.

SDFC is indeed undergoing a HUGE initiative to move much of their operations into the cloud SPECIFICALLY to support an ongoing transition to Agile development, refactoring to services/microservices, and (where appropriate) very frequent CD. They see their periodic & infrequent release strategy across the board as being a MAJOR impediment to competing effectively against various competitors and not-yet-competitors in their space. Further that strategy has exacerbated an SDDC tendency to continue to deploy large-ish monolithic applications, and do so on dedicated hardware in high cost data centers, which then require massive regression testing to QA.

So if any thing, SFDC IS a "poster child" for an organization that gets the need for Agility, microservices (containerized of course ;{), in a cloud environment. Adapt or die.

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