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It isn't really a question of "the one phone," it is the events around it which raise a concern.

Was it terrorism? Really? The government said they were "at least partly inspired by Islamic State." That sounds an awful lot like watching a film "inspired by true events." It looks to me like a couple of nutters with guns, who are now dead and beyond the reach of the law. Mass murderers, yes, but "terrorists" is pure speculation. The massacre is what happens when you have lax gun control. Labeling them "terrorists" rather than mass murderers conveniently deflects attention away from the general problem of gun crime which is far more dangerous than terrorism.

So with these factors, I begin to question the FBI's motives. Do they also help out the Chinese who have the phone of a US citizen? While the court order is in place (and that is good), I would be concerned that things may expand. Is there any effective difference between the government having all the keys and the government having the ability to update the software?

Just because it is sad, does not mean we "owe it to the victims." They need to consider the implications of what they are demanding and the fact that it will not bring their relatives back and it will not provide "insights" which would stop it happening again.

This is definitely an instance of a hard case making bad law.

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