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Agree, it is a problem in every field. Companies underestimate the value of company specific knowledge and very few take the time to bring anyone up to speed or give them the incentive to stay. There are companies who bring in entry level hires and mentor them or train them extensively, IBM is one of them, but, like IBM, they then pay them a fraction of what their market rate will be and a few years after their training they all leave for a higher salary. It used to be that it would be odd if you could go get a competitive offer for more than you were making at your current company (assuming we are talking apples to apples, large company to large company). It made sense. Why would another company want to pay you more to come in and learn a bunch of things and why wouldn't your current company pay you top dollar as you are moving at MACH5 speed at that company and know the processes inside and out. Along the way though companies decided they would just stop increasing salaries in line with market rates. It was a bet that employees would not go out and get a new job even if they could make more money because getting a new job is stressful, takes a lot of initiative and is risky. Brilliant move as they are ensuring that only the most motivated and driven employees leave while the "whatever, it's a paycheck" crowd stays.

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