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I see where you're going and I agree, but I also think there is just a shortage of COBOL (and other legacy z interworkings, CICS, IMS, etc) skill. Every COBOL/z programmer I know, at active mainframe shops, is pushing retirement age and many have likely already retired. I know of one organization in the US who just decided to move off of mainframe because the only people who knew anything about it or the code that was developed are going to retire. That is the real issue here.... It isn't that young whipper snappers refuse to learn COBOL because COBOL isn't cool (if you pay them enough, they'll learn it). It is that most of these COBOL apps on z are undocumented with no architectural organization... just line after line of procedural code which apparently works. If the person who developed it over the last 30 years hits the door, that is a significant risk. Probably best to just move this to a modern language on a new platform. It will be a huge hassle to port or rewrite the code, tens or hundreds of millions in some cases of expense, but at least you will have a handle on the apps. There is probably an ROI in there too. Mainframes and related software are extremely costly... extremely costly. I know there are the die hards out there who say that mainframe being expensive is a myth. You can run Linux with some open source stack on mainframe and it is no more expensive than x86. The problem is that no one does that. They all run z/OS with a ton of expensive IBM/CA/Compuware/BMC software. If you are running mainframe the way that 98% of the user base runs mainframe, it is clearly the most expensive platform.

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