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Do you really imagine that the NSA or GCHQ can't decrypt an iPhone? I mean REALLY?

If I were a cynical man I would suggest that this furor is just smoke and mirrors because in fact it only took them a matter of minutes (maybe hours) to crack the phone but they just don't want people (well terrorists) to know that this isn't a safe form of usage/storage anymore. Oh and they probably need a "Legal" way to get at the data so it can be used in a court.

I AM a cynical man, and I am more cynical about the fact that the combined agencies (NSA, FBI and any other TLA you can throw at it) are so critically dependent on ONE SINGLE consumer device that they are willing to ruin the entire IT industry of the country for it by ringing a bell they can't unring.

I think it is time to ask what they have been doing with the billions and billions of taxdollars they scored over the years (more so post 9/11) if the world as we know it will end unless they get access to one single buy-it-off-the-shelf shiny after it was basically mismanaged by one of their own.

As it is voting time, I think whatever presidential candidate has the courage to ask that in public should have your vote. F*ck the rest - the person who asks this does have at elast an idea of what is really important.

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