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Bill Gates denies iPhone crack demand would set precedent

Pascal Monett Silver badge

Indeed, and they also want the disabling to limited to that phone, they don't want the code, and they agree to Apple being in control of the whole operation.

Really, it seems to me that the FBI is being extremely reasonable in their demands, compared to what they could have asked for.

Of course, we have to agree that, if Apple can create the limitation-erasing product for one phone, Apple can generalize the code. That is most likely the bugbear that everyone is harping on right now. And, given the NSA's attitude of "what we're doing is legal", it is not surprising that people are looking at their copy of the Constitution and seeing a whole portion of the text being erased and that is not making them feel better.

So, all in all, the FBI's request may be eminently reasonable, but it comes after a literal goatse from the government over individual liberties, so I guess the backlash is deserved on top of being understandable.

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