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Jibe - an ​insulting ​remark that is ​intended to make someone ​look ​stupid:

As the GSMA remarks here: "Mobile network operators are subject to a range of laws and licence conditions that require them to be capable of intercepting customer communications, to retain a range of subscriber and usage data and to disclose this data to law enforcement agencies on demand. While RCS allows lawful intercept at both the service data layer and session data layer, any interference with mobile users' right to privacy must be in accordance with the law."

.... RCS is designed to bring SMS-style carrier charges to messaging. From the same GSMA document: "Termination of RCS traffic follows the same model as standard mobile voice and data services.

Two reasons just there that don't stack up well against the existing competitive options/solutions that are available. Unless the fool convince a lot of people otherwise then it remains to be seen if this will take off or just fade into obscurity.

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