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Few glaring errors in your comment.

Didn't Windows pull their November release of Windows 10 because it was dodgy? making changes that impacted the security (removed) that users had set up and chosen (thus creating a rather large back door) And didn't they release a test batch update that bricked quite a few PC's last year. With no real explanation but making it quite clear they don't test or have a protocol to stop releasing to the world test updates?

No one needs to hack and corrupt Microsoft downloads in this manner, because they do it themselves by a magnitude bigger than this hack.

Their new peer to peer hosting opens up a whole can of whoop ass to the evil brigade who will no doubt exploit the hell out of it using probably the very same technique of making updates and new patches appear legit, only it won't be MS websites, it will be MS software again. They have by their nature and magnitude made desktop patching a "buffet of vulnerability."

And Linux Mint have come out to tell the world they were hacked, and don't download the code. Windows don't tell you what code they download, so how can you be sure they are not all corrupt?

Windows 10 has more back doors than anything else, with little moral code to tell their customers anymore.

Lessons learned and kudos to Mint for this - but it is just a web site hack.

Wonder if they used Kali Linux to make the hack?

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