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Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

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windows is not free

Given that MS has made billions from selling windows and associated products then I would say that not spending enough to protect you users security is a big fail.

From this example clearly this linux distribution was so secure that hacking the OS distribution source was more viable than attacking a running user's pc directly.

The mint team to their credit made public the attack on their distrubtion source, something we have no proof that MS has done, not necessarily because MS have never been hacked directly because they have, instead because MS are not known for putting their user's first or even in their top ten.

Given that the PC architechure has always been insecure by design then when enough black hats are investing time in finding holes then it is only a matter of time. Until everyone is using a secure hardware platform that has not been intentionally obscured and rooted to allow easy access and monitoring by the "security services" then every OS running on a PC will always be vulnerable to attack

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