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>First - this never happened to Microsoft and they are like a magnitude bigger target that is under attack 24x7. And they're running websites on Windows by the way.

It is written up there, happening for Windows 10 as well.

Now, the other day, I was chasing a Windows 7 ISO and came across a Microsoft answers page where an MVP offered links to download Windows 7 ISO from, one was pointing to a server that had "allegedly" been bought out, the download was a 2Mb exe, no ISO. The MVP was very "touchy" when I pointed out to him that the download was not "as advertised".

thepiratebay is full of infected ISO's, has been happening to Windows since at least Windows 2000, since it became feasible for the average punter to download such large files.

I have copies of the ISO's at home, but was over at a mate's that time, hd died, he just received replacement SSD and I improvised a WIndows 7 install... I have been fixing malware-infected Windows boxen for family, friends, friends of friends for over 10 years, and the last time I saw IE as default browser was A LOOOOOONG time ago.

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