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Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

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What a lot of fun the comment on this one are!

Yep, a website got hacked. It happened to the Ubuntu forums awhile back. Probably that means that Ubuntu is hopelessly insecure, and now so is Mint.

Of course, doing something like downloading from a bogus source hoses Windows, too.

Everything is insecure. Mes amies, it's us against the world.

I love how passionate everyone is about their OS of choice. By the devolving deities, be passionate about Windows, or Mint, or OSX, or Qubes, or OpenBSD! Because if users are not engaged in the systems they use, those systems will end up on the trash-heap of history.

Oh, wait. Everything ends up on the trash-heap of history.

Right, then, never mind. Ennui as usual, and back to the cat videos.

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