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Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

David Roberts

Are you sure you have this the right way round?

Wordpress. People are hunting all the time for Wordpress sites they can compromise. So did someone look for ways to compromise the Mint site, or did a Wordpress hacker find a vulnerable site and then notice what it was hosting?

This wierd pride that claims the attack shows how popular Mint is baffles me.

Like being proud of being mugged because it shows that you are rich. Not that you were a dick and had a few too many beers then wandered down a dark alley.

Most likely it is a desperate excuse after all the posts praising Mint as the answer to any Windows issues, followed by a demonstration that the advice wasn't 100% good in all circumstances.

Have a bit of honesty, and admit the Mint guys screwed up. They were so security naive they apparently used Wordpress on the server they used to distribute Mint. So people now have copies of Mint with back doors. This must at least raise the question "Is this the only foolish thing they did?".

Don't just go "Look, look, Windows 10!" as if this explains, excuses or justifies this total cock up.

The sensible posters have acknowledged that a bad thing happened and noted that hashes from several sources should be checked before installing anything.

The Mint guys should be taking a good hard look at the way they work, and everyone should be giving this breach maximum publicity to try and help all the poor sods who have been compromised.

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