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Oh I dunno...

I tried getting to networking in my Mint installation and it took exactly 3 clicks. Menu>System Settings>Networking. (4 if I wanted to look at the options)

I also use (and mostly like) Windows 7. If you know the .cpl shortcut you can get there quickly, but off the top of my head, you normally would go to "Start">Control Panel>Network>Change Network Adapter Settings, then "Properties", IPV4 (or 6), then "Properties" again to actually view things you can change. That's a few more clicks to be sure. Or you could use one of the "Wizards", which in my experience dumb things down to the point of making my head hurt and not having the intended effect I was going for. And that's Win7. 8 and 10 make me want to cry with frustration with the start menus and inadvertent things that pop up or happen to my windows if I accidentally trigger them with an errantly placed mouse pointer or accidental swipe on a touch screen. There is such a thing as adding too many "convenience" features. For every time I use one of these and find it useful, there are 99 other times that I spend more time undoing what Windows thought I meant to do. And maybe someday MS will learn to not have apps steal focus. It's possible I guess.

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