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"Do take note, the issue was noticed quickly and steps were taken to fix it quickly, Mint was quite open and forthcoming about it,"

I can fully understand taking down the website as a reaction to this, but surely the best form of action would have been to post some sort warning notice to visitors along with the instructions of using MD5 or SHA. Anyone can come up with a basic web page the apologizes for the downtime and warns people of the fake download.

"Number of people affected by this is small, and the number who will still be affected by it in a month will be almost none."

Where do you base this? How do you know how many people have downloaded this distro and into home many computers? Mint is very popular but I'd like to see some download statistics from Mint to put this into perspective - are the like 1000 downloads from the mirrors daily or more? Does Mint have their own BT tracker to provide BT statistics?

If I download a distro I'm not going to check the website again unless I'm looking for more information or so. Chances are the less technical people would be happily using this for a long time.

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