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Same here. I had a spare NUC kicking around the house, and put Mint 17.3 Cinnamon on it earlier this week (yeah yeah, I downloaded the ISO via torrent well before this incident).

First impressions:

- it installed beautifully from the live USB image, taking maybe 20 minutes

- Everything was recognised out-of-the-box - even wifi and S3/S4 worked perfectly, which surprised me.

- just for giggles, I installed WINE and tried running an old Microsoft game (Age of Mythology/Titans). Blow me down, it worked perfectly. Better, in fact, than on my Windows 7 PC, on which it crashes periodically. I can just click the .EXE or a desktop shortcut and the game loads. Super easy. Even the network game mode works.

- coming from the Windows & OSX world, there's obviously a lot for me to learn! Plus, I keep managing to break it in unexpected ways. For example, following a list of "11 Linux Mint Tweak tips", I disabled access-time via etc/fstab 'noatime'. When I rebooted, the desktop had reverted to a different window manager (?) - right-click menus looked odd, the wallpaper didn't load, and all my desktop icons had reverted to a different theme and didn't want to change back. Weird! So I undid the 'noatime' tweak and all is back to normal. I think I need to back off from my compulsive urge to fiddle, and just accept that until I understand it more completely, I should leave well alone.

- Firefox / Pale Moon and all my plugins work perfectly too.

General impressions: I like it. My house network is now a a well-rounded mix of OSX, Windows 7, Ubuntu LTS (on the NAS) and Mint. I can have flame-wars with myself.

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