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Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

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Anonymous Coward

> That could be funny - but it isn't. "At least in this case."

I disagree. It's witty, it's a proper piss-take.

As they used to say, if you can't take a laugh you shouldn't have joined.

/FOSS developer here. Co-wrote a Linux device driver once a long time ago, a few more bits for an important desktop environment. Know when to admit someone else has won the round--though not the fight, and can laugh at that. I do apologise if you're American, that would explain the lack of a sense of irony.

Best of luck to the Mint bunch, though. Those wily bastards on the dark side can be incredibly skilled (and well-funded), not easy to come out on top of them every time.

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