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'It is clear the oss community are going to have to get better at the secure distribution of their wares to users'

Not sure if you are implying Microsoft Windows 10 distribution methods are better, but...

Ebay and Microsoft need to at least try an educate Windows users, (if they can't stop the ebay distributions) that paying £24.99+ on Ebay for an (essentially free) Windows 10 Upgrade ISO on USB/DVD (some have sold 380+ copies) isn't a good idea, in terms of a way of getting malware-free Windows 10 install media.

Users are essentially been forced to Pay £24.99+, because it can be such a problematic bulky download. Either the 'dumb' Win10 upgrade background tool (lack of disk space, especially SSDs - downloading or expanding files, repeatedly, downloading GB's if it fails) ...

Or using the (heap of crock) Windows 10 Media creation 'something happened' tool, with no indication its failed until you have downloaded multiple GB of data, often 10's of GB, with Users often going over BT's 10GB data allowance of the basic packages, not even realising in many cases.

In the UK, its this attempting to download multiple GB's without a means to recover from a broken download, ends up with Windows Users resorting to 'trusting' ebay as a means of software distributiion. Its even more annoying since Firefox has such a good file download recovery system, if Microsoft only had an option for its use under Windows, to download the ISO directly.

Incredibly too, use any OS other than Windows, i.e. Linux Mint/MACOSX and you're offered to download the Windows 10 ISO's directly (though they seem to be US only) rather than forced to use the Windows 10 Media creation tool.

Windows 10 distribution isn't some perfect secure distribution system either. I hate to think how much bandwidth has been wasted over recent months in failed Windows 10 downloads.

Mint has got the install time down to 12 minutes to fully installed on an SSD. Updates 'just work' and quickly, you can see exactly whats been installed. People are becoming fed up of the bloat of Windows. Windows Update with its endless 'checking for updates' and endless 'installing updates', and multiple reboots - no wonder Linux Mint is gaining popularity fast.

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