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Here's the problem that this guy is not thinking about. Misson Critical data.

Most large corporations are only going to consider highly redundant hardware devices for their storage for quite some time. They don't want commodity hardware to fail and cause issues. While you can add additional hardware to protect against this you pay a performance impact for writing that data multiple times on multiple systems.

There's another problem with his line of thought. While a lot of startups are annoyed by storage arrays it's business as usual for big corporations. They have tons of storage admins that keep these systems running without failures. The startups are going to be big consumers of the "commodity hardware storage" concept. Just a slight problem. Some of them don't have a lot of money. The ones that do have lots of money and have a thriving infrastructure that you would love your storage product in aren't the types to "buy stuff". They tend to create their own. Amazon, Google and Facebook all operate on commodity hardware. They bought the hardware but they did not buy someone's "magic sauce" to make it work.

The type of data changes the appropriateness of the storage greatly. Would you put a lot of easily replaceable data on the most expensive EMC arrays? Nope. Would you put banking data on a PC with some drives inside and trust all that account data not to be lost? Nope!

While I agree that the storage industry leaves a bit to be desired it's not completely outdated like this guy thinks. You can certainly make commodity hardware suit your needs if you have the time and knowledge like the big internet firms. You just have to decide on your own if you think this guy's somewhat ripped off from others software is worth the cost or if it's snake oil.

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