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Don't laugh even though the proposed provision by government is laughable, ..

.... this situation is deadly serious

Ensure that the Armed Forces will have strong cyber-defences, and that in the event of a significant cyber-incident in the UK, they are ready to provide assistance. The government will provide the Armed Forces with advanced offensive cyber-capabilities, drawing on the “National Offensive Cyber Programme” run in partnership between the MOD and GCHQ.

Pie in the sky and delusion in extremis, which I believe is akin to hubris

As minnows in seas full of sharks springs to mind. ...... but it does present an opportunity and vulnerability for expert exploitation and extensive export and a whole new trading market place and capital flight safe haven space too.

And some would be able to tell and prove to you that such can be heavenly and extremely convenient rather than hellishly disruptive and Great Game changing and mostly inconvenient.

If the MOD cannot think for themselves regarding supplies for what matters in the future with virtual security and international and internetional cyber defence , are they rendered as nothing more effective than puppet liabilities and ignorant servants of arrogant slaves to fast flash crashing systems of exclusive executive order operation and SCADA administration.

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