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No matter what kind of agreement between the EU and the US is struck...

Do you REALLY think your private data is ever safe with them ?

Because all they need to do is flash the "national security" card and all your data belongs to them anyways...

No, not even that. There are already enough federal laws level to trample over the rights of the locals (normally known as Americans, but let's be evil and call them "voters" for now because that reminder tends to make politicians that little bit more nervous), let alone over the rights of them damn foreigners who should really just hand over their money and not dare to insist on any rights in return.

The best known one is the USA PATRIOT Act, augmented by the FREEDOM Act, but there's a lot more where that came from and if you add all of that up you end up with an open door policy for any random official who feels he or she would like a rummage through your data, just to fight boredom.

There is really no need to even go near the National Security Letter mechanism.

By the way, nice article. I like the precision of the explanation as it aids an understanding of the actual mechanics at work.

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